Pakistan: IHC seeks report on missing Baloch students from federal govt


ISLAMABAD: The Islamabad High Court (IHC) on Tuesday said the state must fulfill its responsibility in recovering missing Baloch students.

IHC judge Justice Mohsin Akhtar Kayani presided over the hearing with advocate Imaan Mazari appearing before the court.

In regards to implementing the recommendations of the Baloch Enforced Disappearance Inquiry Commission, the court approved the federal government’s request for respite in submitting the implementation report related to the recommendations.

The court also directed the federal government to review the report on the forcibly disappeared Baloch students and issue a written order concerning the commission’s recommendations or the court will take action.

The Additional Attorney General (AAG), in response, stated that the federal government is indeed interested in the matter, and there are multiple stakeholders involved.

To which the judge reiterated that this case involves a violation of human rights and is a sensitive matter. He stressed that the federal government has a responsibility to address the issue of missing students from Balochistan, while the courts are responsible for rendering decisions.

“It is ultimately the federal government’s role as the executive to take action,” said the judge.

Justice Kayani also pointed out that the families of the missing persons are still searching for their loved ones. He referred to a previous detailed order issued by Justice Athar Minullah on this matter and reiterated that the state has an obligation to protect its citizens.

He urged the federal government to take appropriate action and produce the necessary documents and records for the court’s review.

Mazari, on the other hand, inquired the government representatives about the actions taken against those who had been visiting educational institutions.

Subsequently, the judge stated that the court would aid in resolving the issue and directed the federal government to provide a report and submit it in court for review.

The hearing was adjourned until November 14 awaiting a report by the federal