Kashmir: Complete shutter down, protest rallies accross PaK against inflation and for fundamental rights.

Jammu & Kashmir POK - Pakistan Occupied Kashmir

In Azad Kashmir, people have been protesting on the streets for the past 2 months due to the extraordinary increase in electricity bills, high taxes, inflation and unemployment.

But the Prime Minister of the state government did not take any practical steps except rhetoric and instead threatened the protesters that if they did not end their protest, they would be taught a lesson by the army or paramilitary forces from Pakistan.

In connection with the protest, the people Action Committee had called for a complete shutter down strike and street protests on October 5. Responding to this request, today there is a complete shutter down strike in whole of Azad Jammu and Kashmir, people are on the streets and women are participating in the protest wearing black clothes and black bands.

It would also be interesting to mention here that although Pakistan and Pakistani newspapers and more than 100 TV channels have been exaggerating even the smallest news about Indian adminstrated Kashmir (J&K) for the last 4 decades, are completely blackouting this ongoing mass movement in Pakistani adminstrated Kashmir (PaK).

It should also be noted that although there are elected bodies like the Azad Jammu and Kashmir Legislative Assembly and the Kashmir Council, which directly and indirectly control the region, none of them are working to improve the situation in the current situation. Even not showing practical interest for negociation and to find a viable solution.

The Azad Jammu and Kashmir High Court today canceled the registration of all political parties in Pakistan, after which the constitutional status of the elected Legislative Assembly and the current government has also been questioned.

In these circumstances, the need is that political, administrative and constitutional problems should be solved together with political insight and understanding, putting as much burden on the people as they can easily bear. The agreements made in the past between the Government of Azad Kashmir and Pakistan should be fully implemented so that this region is saved from another human tragedy and terrorism.