Gaza: In crowded Khan Younis, 90 people live in one house


Ibrahim’s family have tried to take in as many relatives and friends as they can. There are 90 people in his parents’ house because he says his family would never turn anyone away.

The group try to sleep in shifts, with two to a mattress. No-one can really relax.

“From the time we wake up to the time we sleep, we’re just trying to survive.”

Food supplies are scarce and members of the group try to go out every day to see if canned food is being distributed. The group has water and wheat to bake bread but there still isn’t enough for more than one meal a day. It’s hard on the children – 10 of whom are under five.

“They always ask for food and water, and we’re trying to get them as much as we can. It’s very limited… it’s very difficult.

“I mean, we elderly people, we can bear it a bit, we can stay hungry, but when children are asking for food we can’t say no to them.”

A pregnant woman and an elderly diabetic man are among their group, and Ibrahim says the man only has enough medicine for a couple of more days.

“If anything bad happens to anyone there is no way we will get to the hospital now… that’s something I’m always worried about.”__Courtesy