Vienna: Enthusiastic Mass Rally in Solidarity with the Revival of the Syria Revolution


Nearly 1.000 Syrian migrants demonstrated on 27 August in the centre of Vienna to show their support for the new wave of mass protests in Syria. It was an extraordinary and very enthusiastic demonstration, reflecting the electrifying spirit of the Syrian masses who are determined to bring down the tyranny of Assad.

Comrade Michael Pröbsting, International Secretary of the RCIT, was the sole speaker at the rally. He had to address the participants without a microphone since the demonstration was very lively and a bit chaotic with the result that the loudspeaker equipment was damaged. Despite this technical disadvantage, his speech was very well received by an enthusiastic crowd.

Michael sent greetings to the families of the unaccountable number of martyrs who had died in the heroic struggle against the regime in the past 12 years. He also welcomed the successful strike of freedom fighters in Idlib against soldiers of Assad’s army on the day before.

Michael emphasised that in order to win, we must learn from the past. Among such lessons are that the revolution must not become dependent on foreign powers. Another important was that there must not be uncontrollable and corrupt leaders but the people themselves must decide about the course of the struggle.

Furthermore, Michael stressed that the new wave of mass protests confirm one more how wrong all those demoralised renegades have been who told us that the Syrian Revolution would be dead. Sure, the revolution faced setbacks, but it was never defeated. And now, everyone can see that it is alive and kicking!