Russia says relations with US ‘on edge of open armed conflict’


The relations between Moscow and Washington are on the edge of an open armed conflict, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov has said.

“We are working to keep relations with the US from falling into the abyss of an open armed conflict, we are already on the verge, on the edge of this abyss,” Ryabkov said on Thursday night in an interview with Russian Pervy TV channel.

Russia and the US maintain contacts, and the problem is in the lack of trust, that Washington defies everything Moscow says as “disinformation,” he said.

The diplomat added that the US “has long been a direct part to the Ukrainian conflict, waging an open hybrid war.”

“Ukraine is only a tool in their hands. … Their goal is to destroy a sovereign, independent Russia as an international factor, they are increasingly tempted to play with the idea of dismemberment of Russia. … This is a direct encroachment on the foundations of our state system,” he stressed.

Ryabkov also said Russia has many times explained the roots of the conflict in Ukraine, including the “destructive role that the US played in events, preceding the 2014 coup in Kyiv” that led to eight years of civil war in Donbas, which no one, except Russia, wanted to solve with diplomatic means.__The Nation