American Airlines pilot union alleges ‘significant spike’ in safety issues


The American Airlines pilot union has alleged that the airline is facing a “significant spike” in safety and maintenance issues, CNN reported.

The Allied Pilots Association has warned members and travellers of “problematic trends.”

The safety committee of the Allied Pilots Association, in an email wrote to members that there “has been a significant spike in safety- and maintenance-related problems in our operation.”

They claimed that they’ve have seen tools being left in wheel wells, items being left in sterile areas around the aircraft, fewer inspections, shorter test flights after major maintenance works and an overall decrease in quality.

The new message comes in light of several inflight incidents that have plagued the airlines including a mid-air door plug blowout on Alaska Airlines Boeing 737 Max 9.

Since last month, roughly a dozen incidents have occurred.

A spokesman from the union have shared their concerns with the senior managers at the airlines.

Pilot and spokesman for the union Dennis Tajer, said the union spoke recently with senior management, “and management’s initial response to our request was encouraging. We fully intend to do everything we can to assure that American maintains strong margins of safety.”

The Federal Aviation Administration declined to comment on the claims made by the union.__The News