Austria: Syrian’s Mass Demonstration at the 13th Anniversary of the Revolution


VIENNA: About 2,000 Syrian migrants marched in Vienna at the 13th anniversary of the Syrian Revolution. It was an extraordinary lively demonstration with people alternating chanting and singing against the dictatorship of Assad. T

he demonstration was led by Abdulhkeem Alshater from the association “Free Syrian Community of Austria”. As the pictures show, demonstrators also expressed their solidarity with the people in Palestine.

The march was addressed by several Syrian speakers as well as one from the Ukraine.

Michael Pröbsting, International Secretary of the RCIT, was the first speaker at the final rally. He emphasized that the Syrian Revolution is still living, and that this demonstration confirmed this.

Michael sent greetings both to the heroic peoples in Syria as well as in Palestine – fighting for their freedom against tyranny.

He pointed to the reactionary role of imperialist Great Powers with Russia backing Assad and the U.S. supporting Israel. Michael concluded his speech that Syria can only be free if the working people take political power as well as the economy in their own hands.