Pakistan: Agency personnel should be prosecuted to address enforced disappearances – IHC


ISLAMABAD: Hearing the plea pertaining to enforced disappearances of Baloch students, Justice Mohsin Akhtar Kayani of the Islamabad High Court (IHC) observed on Wednesday that agency personnel should be prosecuted if the matter has to be addressed.

The remarks by Justice Kayani came during the hearing on a petition submitted by Imaan Mazari. He elaborated that the state protects the institutions and if the state wants, it can do anything.

He also maintained that state institutions should have confidence in the rule of law, highlighting that the lack of trust in courts contributes to public dissatisfaction.

Attorney General Pakistan (AGP) Mansoor Awan informed the court that Mazari submitted a list of missing Baloch students, out of whom nine have been recovered and efforts are going to locate the remaining 15 students.

Justice Kayani called for the state’s highest office to issue a sworn statement promising an end to forced disappearances. AGP Awan responded, mentioning that the federal government has already assured the Supreme Court that there will be no forced disappearances in the future.

In response to Justice Kayani’s inquiry about the federal government’s implication in forced disappearances, the AGP clarified that the government’s statement applies to the present and future, emphasising trust in the judicial system.

In the previous hearing, Justice Kayani expressed his extreme anger and frustration over cases of enforced disappearances in the country and warned that if the missing people were not found, the court would order the registration of a first information report (FIR) against the interim prime minister and interior minister.

In his hard-hitting observations, the judge noted that the cases were blamed on the state agencies, adding that it appeared that it had become a free-for-all society.

The judge had also observed that it was a matter of basic human rights but it seemed that there was no law and order in the