Palestine Peace Proposal: Xi emerges as global peacemaker


ISLAMABAD: Chinese President Xi Jinping recently floated a workable three-point proposal to help resolve the Palestinian-Israeli issue, calling for an immediate ceasefire to realise lasting peace and security in the Middle East region.

At least 17,177 Palestinians have reportedly been killed since the conflict started, according to Gaza Health Ministry figures, while 1,200 people were killed in the Hamas incursion into Israel.

However, there is no end to the ongoing war which has cost heavily on both sides and humanity is the biggest loser. The images coming out from Gaza are heart breaking and the brutal killing of women, children and the old is heart wrenching.

In this backdrop, Chinese visionary Xi Jinping has emerged as a peacemaker as he has floated a workable and pragmatic formula to help resolve the conflict. During his address at the recent extraordinary virtual summit of BRICS on the Palestinian-Israeli issue, Xi came out with his formula which has attracted international community’s traction who are interested in immediate resolution of the conflict but lack courage and vision to address the situation.

Xi’s formula provides a face-saving to the so-called human rights champions of the world who are mere silent spectators due to the influence of Israel.

Xi’s three-point formula entails a strategy that provides face-saving to all sides. Xi suggests an immediate ceasefire for humanitarian assistance in the war-ravaged Gaza and evacuation of the injured to safe locations.

According to the proposal, all parties in the conflicts should immediately observe a ceasefire and stop all hostilities and violence and attacks on civilians.

Xi said it is also imperative to ensure safe and smooth passage of humanitarian relief, expand humanitarian aid to people in Gaza, and stop the forced relocation and the cut-off of water, electricity and oil that targets people in Gaza as a ‘collective punishment’.

The second phase is release of civilian detainees to avoid more loss of lives and suffering.

Xi called on the international community to take concrete measures to prevent the escalation of the conflicts and the impact on the stability of the entire Middle East.

President Xi Jinping has called for the release of civilian detainees and an immediate ceasefire as Israel continues to bombard Gaza.

“All parties in the conflicts should immediately cease fire and hostilities, stop all violence and attacks targeting civilians, and release civilian detainees to avoid more loss of lives and suffering,” Xi said as he addressed the virtual summit of fellow BRICS leaders.

Xi said that fairness and justice are the only way Palestine solution could be resolved as must be done in the civilised world. He has reiterated that two-state solution is the only way forward as both the countries have a right to live in peace.

While Xi has emerged as a world leader who cares about the oppressed nations, the US President Joe Biden looks confused and compromised perhaps due to the influence of Israeli lobby in the US state department and other top decision-making forums in the United States of America (USA).

Xi’s bold plan on Israel-Hamas conflict has proved a fact that China is now global power who with visionary Xi Jinping can provide justice to the world. Hence, China has taken a decisive step towards materialising the Chinese dream.

Rather than rising to the occasion and playing his due role to help resolve the Israel-Palestine conflict, the US president has adopted a partisan approach towards the conflict and has been advocating the cause of Israel.

Hence, President Biden has chosen to remain a mere spectator as Tel Aviv wants him to let the Zionist regime finish its evil plan of eliminating or relocating all Palestinians from Gaza.

This silence of Jo Biden would not only lead him an ineffective world leader but the world also would remember him as an impotent, indecisive and a compromised US leader who blinked in testing times and failed the US as global super power.__Pakistan Today