Pakistan: General among officers fired for neglecting installations post-Imran arrest – ISPR


RAWALPINDI: The military on Monday announced the dismissal of an army officer of lieutenant general rank among 11 high-ranking officials from service, in disciplinary action taken in response to their failure to safeguard security installations on May 9.

During a strongly-worded news conference, Maj. Gen. Ahmed Sharif Chaudhry, director general of Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR), expressed concern over the nationwide protests triggered by the unlawful arrest of former prime minister Imran Khan last month and the alleged desecration of military monuments across the country.

He highlighted the families of martyrs and all ranks of the army were raising questions regarding these events. “The May 9 incidents have demonstrated that the miscreants accomplished what the enemies of Pakistan could not,” Chaudhry claimed.

Furthermore, the spokesperson of the army condemned the protests, deeming them a dark chapter in Pakistan’s history and a significant conspiracy against the nation.

Addressing the wave of protests Chaudhry revealed that evidence related to the violent incidents has been gathered as investigations were underway.

He emphasised the army’s continuous efforts to eliminate terrorists from the country. He further expressed the concerns of all ranks within the army, questioning the sacrifice of their lives if the memorials of the fallen heroes are subjected to such desecration.

The spokesperson claimed, without offering evidence, that the planning for these incidents was orchestrated several months ago. He added: “The people were manipulated by a highly inflammatory narrative.”

Highlighting the operation against terrorism, Chaudhry affirmed its smooth progress. However, he raised concerns about the dissemination of poisonous propaganda against Pakistan’s forces, emphasizing that false narratives have been promoted for political gains and the thirst for power.

He asserted that the nation and the army are inseparable, emphasizing the complete coordination and transparency in the army’s decision-making process.__Pakistan Today