Biden tells Zelensky the US still supports Ukraine


Biden mentions that today is Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky’s birthday, and addresses the Ukrainian leader: “We are with you for as long as it takes.”

Biden says Russian President Vladimir Putin expected that US support for Ukraine would crumble with time. “He was wrong,” he says.

“We are united, America’s united, and so is the world.”

He says the decision to send tanks is “further evidence of our enduring and unflagging commitment to Ukraine.”

This morning, a senior White House official warned that the US expects Putin to go on the offensive in the coming months, as the weather gets warmer.

The Abrams tanks from the US will take months to arrive in Ukraine.

More from President Biden who praises the efforts of countries from around the world.

The US leader insists the aid is being used to help Ukraine defend and protect its land.

“There is no offensive threat to Russia,” he says.

“If the troops return to Russia this war would be over today.”

Biden emphasises these countries will “not allow a country to steal a neighbour’s territory by force”.

Earlier today, a senior White House official said the Abrams tanks would help Ukraine regain territory currently being occupied by