Religious leaders of Kashmir stress for representation of India in OIC

IOK - Indian Occupied Kashmir Jammu & Kashmir

“Haqeeqi Islam Mahwar-e-Insaniyat” a day-long Seminar organised by JK People’s Justice Front in Poonch Sector concluded with a message for youths to give up the path of violence and be the torch bearers of peace and enlightenment.

The day-long seminar on “The Real Islam is the pillar of humanity” witnessed huge participation of Moulvis and Muftis and as well as of local people, including women and the youth.

Prominent religious leaders who attended the conference included: Agha Syed Abbas Rizvi, Moulana Safdar Hussain, Dr Shabir Hussain, Jinab Zakir Shah, Moulana Muzafar, Jinab Naveed Hamdani, Jinab Zarik Hussain and mang others.

The Chief of JK People’s Justice Front, Agha Syed Abbas Rizvi, termed the seminar as a “historic moment” and appreciated the efforts being made to discuss the role of religious leaders in propagating Haqeeqati Islam Mahwar-e-Insaniyat here in Poonch.

Abbas Rizvi lashed out at the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) for the unnecessary delay in giving representation to India, in OIC. OIC must recognize the presence of 185 million Muslims in India and of their contribution to its pluralistic ethos, religious tolerance and equal respect of all religions.

“Rizvi hopes that OIC will not encourage elements who promote terrorism, targeting India. The Islamic ethos of peace, equality and justice is the core ingredient of Indian civilization too. India not being an Islamic nation but gives equal rights to its followers, unlike other Islamic countries who target the fellow followers of Islam. Shia and Ahmadi are labelled as non-Islamic communities and are subject to atrocities & alienation. He also asserted that the fight against terrorism is not a fight against any religion or civilization.”

Islamic cleric Agha Syed Abbas Rizvi urged intellectuals, religious heads and torchbearers to counter the radicalization and to spread the message of love, peace and tolerance among the youth. “Radicalization,” or” “Terrorism” he said, “should not be associated with any religion. There is a need for Islamic scholars to formulate a policy and a process by which an innocent person, who is subverted to a violent ideology, is prevented from becoming radicalized and finally a terrorist”.

Another Speaker, Moulana Muzafar Hussain, emphasized the need for restoration of the pristine glory of communal harmony and brotherhood in J&K. The violence has no place in any civilized society and peaceful co-existence. No development and progress is possible without sustained peace, communal harmony and brotherhood. Kashmiri Muslims and Pandits need to create new dynamics of reaching out to each other. We are all sons of the same soil, and this truth needs no political narrative.

Moulana Muzafar observed that this was a nice attempt by the organizers to host such a great and meaningful seminar and urged them to hold many more such seminars in remote areas of the valley. If we are able to convince or promote this real message to even a dozen of youths, our day would be won.”

Dr Shabbir Hussain appealed to people not to link infectious disease like terrorism with any particular religion. Misuse of religion links terrorism with religion. The Parliament and the Mumbai terror attacks are the black faces of terrorism, bringing bad name to Islam whereas Islam has nothing to do with such acts of violence. In such a situation, it is the duty of all scholars, enlightened citizens and Islamic Clerics to define terrorism.

Dr Shabbir said that we must not forget that terrorism is the result of a jihadi ideology mis-narrated by vested interests. Therefore, curbing such ideologues is as important as arresting a terrorist. Only then can society move forward on the path of development and peace. Many people distorted the message of Islam.

Maulana Wahiduddin Khan and hundreds of others, deliberately distort and misinterpret the selected portion of Islamic texts.

There is a need to check propagation and wrong interpretation of Islamic books from holy books, besides realizing our responsibilities to show the right way and direction to the one who is treading a wrong path.

Islamic cleric Nazik Hussain, pointed to neighboring country Pakistan as the bed of terrorism, as every month the Islamic State (ISIS) is carrying out bombings and other targeted attacks against minorities that amount to crimes against humanity. The recent unrest in Islamic Republic of Iran and terrorism activities, infiltration bids in Balochistan area in Iran by ISIS is basically backed by Pakistan, a failed state.

On daily basis, Fatwa declare Shi’ites as non-Muslims on the basis of their beliefs. The most troubling aspect of the state’s complicity in sectarianism is the nexus between sectarian extremists and the security establishment. They also targeted Hindu and Sikh religious minorities, as well as the Hazara Community.

The Supreme of JK People’s Justice Front Agha Syed Abbas Rizvi thanked the dignitaries, participants and all the local people for an overwhelming welcome and assured them in organizing more such seminars in near future.

Rizvi Saheb said that J&K is an ocean of spirituality and tolerance, emanating from the united culture of Shivism, Buddhism and Sufism. The need of the hour is to counter all negativities, as enemies are trying to use religion as a tool to destroy mutual bonds between different communities in the Valley, but we have to fail them. JK People’s Justice Front is putting in all efforts to provide a platform with rightful opportunities and will to strive, to bring peace and brotherhood back in Jammu and Kashmir.