Repatriation efforts continue as illegal Afghans return home from Pakistan


The repatriation of Afghan nationals from Pakistan continues at a steady pace, with significant progress made as of April 13, 2024. A total of 535,940 illegal Afghans have now returned to their homeland, marking a significant step in the ongoing efforts.

Over the past ten days, from April 3 to April 13, a total of 8,581 Afghan citizens have made the journey back home. Among them, 3,127 men, 1,972 women, and 3,482 children have returned.

In a coordinated effort, 310 families have been safely repatriated to Afghanistan, utilizing 287 vehicles for their journey. This indicates the scale of the operation, also the logistical planning involved in ensuring the safe return of these families to their home country.

The ongoing repatriation efforts underscore the commitment to address the issue of illegal Afghan immigrants in Pakistan while prioritizing the safety and well-being of those returning to Afghanistan.__Daily Times