Israel’s war on Gaza: Deadly strike on sports centre housing displaced


At least 71 Palestinians killed and 112 wounded over the last 24 hours, Gaza’s health ministry reports.

At least 15 people die in an Israeli strike on a sports centre in Gaza City, while injuries reported in the bombing of Saad bin Abi Waqqas Mosque in the Jabalia refugee camp.

Israel pitches multi-national Arab military force in Gaza: Report
Israeli defence and war cabinet minister Yoav Gallant pitched the idea of establishing a multi-national military force with troops from Arab countries to improve the security situation and escort humanitarian aid convoys in Gaza, reports US news outlet Axios.

It cited unnamed senior Israeli officials as saying such a force could help establish an alternative to Hamas in the enclave, and be responsible for securing a temporary pier the US wants to build and make sure aid won’t be looted or get to Hamas.

The report said Israeli military officials have been discussing the issue with three Arab countries, including Egypt in recent weeks, but those nations may not be eager to send forces now and will consider the move after the war.

The Israeli officials said Gallant and other senior Israeli officials are expected to hold more talks with the US and the Arab countries on this.__Al Jazeera