India deployment of new troops along border not conducive to safeguard peace: China


BEIJING: India’s move to strengthen mili­tary deployment along the border with China, is counter-productive to the two countries’ effort to ease the situation at the border, Chi­nese foreign ministry spokesper­son, Mao Ning said on Friday.

The deployment of Indian troops along the border with China is not con­ducive to safeguarding peace and tranquility of the border areas, she said during her regular brief­ing held here. It has been reported that India has stationed 10,000 new troops along the border with China.

When asked whether the Chinese military is considering retaliatory measures, she said, China is always committed to upholding peace and tranquility in the border areas.

India’s moves are not conducive to peace and tranquility at the border and do not conform with common understandings reached by China and India on de-escalating tensions in the border areas, she added. In the 21st round of China-India Corps Commander Level Meeting held on February 19, the two sides agreed to maintain communication through military and diplomatic channels. They also agreed to maintain peace and tranquility in the border area.__The Nation