Flash floods ravage Istanbul


Torrential rain and severe flooding have wreaked havoc in Istanbul, Türkiye’s largest city, with scores of houses and workplaces inundated, especially in the northern part of the province.

Following the yellow-code warnings and thunderstorm alerts issued by the Turkish State Meteorological Service, intermittent rain began in certain parts of the city on the morning of Sept. 28. However, as of the evening, intermittent rain transformed into heavy downpours, leading to flash floods.

In some parts of the city, the water levels rose up to half the height of vehicles. Footage by local media showed drivers struggling to navigate through flooded roads, with some cars completely submerged in the Başakşehir district.

In Arnavutköy, a stream overflowed due to the intense rainfall, inundating a workshop located in the area. As the workshop began to fill with water, the workers inside sought refuge on the roof. The Disaster and Emergency Management Presidency (AFAD) promptly rescued those trapped.

Similarly, the courtyard of a primary school in the same vicinity was also flooded with water, trapping students, teachers and school staff inside the building. Hours later, rescue teams successfully evacuated the stranded individuals.

“Heavy rainfall has particularly impacted the northern regions of Istanbul. The amount of rainfall per square meter in Arnavutköy was 218 kilograms, Silivri was 42.5 kilograms, Çatalca was 49.5 kilograms and Sancaktepe was 32.5 kilograms,” a statement by the Istanbul Governor’s Office said.

As of the morning of Sept. 29, downpours hit the region on the Anatolian side, paralyzing daily life and causing serious damage.

In the Pendik district, a retaining wall collapsed onto vehicles, trapping a shuttle bus and a car underneath.

Teams managed to rescue all five individuals trapped inside the shuttle bus, as authorities reported that those rescued were in good condition.__Daily Hurriyet