Two dead after police chase scooter in France


LIMOGES, FRANCE – A teenager riding a scooter and his adult passenger were killed in France after an encounter with police, during which offi­cers said Sunday the pair had fled a patrol and crashed into another vehicle.

The incident comes just weeks after France was engulfed by its worst riot­ing in years following the po­lice shooting of Nahel, an un­armed 17-year-old of Arab origin, during a road stop.

In the latest deadly incident, po­lice sources say the scooter fled at the sight of a police patrol that was preparing to stop it in Limoges, western France, with officers giving chase before abandoning the pursuit.

Police claim the scooter then ran a red traffic light and collided with a car, killing the 16-year-old rid­er instantly and injuring the adult passenger, who later died of his injuries in hospital.

Li­moges city hall said the car was carrying a father and his young children, who were “shocked and traumatised”.

On the city’s General Leclerc avenue, a ma­jor thoroughfare lined with residential buildings, the road­way was strewn with sawdust and crosses indicating the po­sitions of the bodies, accord­ing to an AFP journalist at the scene.

One of the crosses, sur­rounded by traces of blood, was 30 or 40 metres (yards) from the point of impact between the two vehicles.

Police sourc­es said that the pair were rid­ing a powerful Yamaha TMAX scooter and that police “quick­ly put an end” to their pursuit, “judging the situation too dan­gerous”.

The regional authori­ties in Haute-Vienne declined to comment on the case, refer­ring the matter to the Limog­es prosecutor’s office, which is expected to release a state­ment later.“Our thoughts are obviously with the families of the victims to whom we offer our deepest condolences,” the mayor of Limoges, Emile-Roger Lombertie, said in a statement.

Some scuffles erupted in the city after the accident, with some vehicles burned, though calm had returned by Sunday afternoon. Authorities have de­ployed a squad of riot police to the neighbourhood where the incident occurred.__The Nation