ZOON: Empowering youth in Kashmir to break taboos on mental health and menstruation

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Andleb-i-Firdous, also known as ‘ZOON’, is a non-profit youth organisation, whose seeds were sown by Seher Mir in October 2021.

Seher Mir, an 18-year-old from Pampore in Pulwama, started a campaign creating awareness about two taboo subjects, mental health and menstruation. Her resolve had a domino effect and what started out as the brainchild of a single individual grew into a team of 50 like-minded teenagers.

Currently, Seher and her team carry out awareness drives in government schools and among women in rural areas.

The organization works at creating awareness about menstruation and mental health by uplifting important landmarks and their people.

The organisation’s main aim is to teach the values of women’s health, menstrual hygiene management and sanitation among rural girls and women.

“The majority of rural women of Kashmir still use filthy cloth pieces as absorbent during periods for many reasons.

One of the main reasons behind not using any sanitary products during periods is shyness. They feel ashamed of buying sanitary napkins.

We started from the birthplace of an important Kashmiri personality, Habba Khatun. In her birthplace, Chandhara, we lead many menstrual health drives to provide accessible menstrual products while educating young girls on menstrual health and hygiene,” Seher said.__dailygoodmorningkashmir.com