EU blacklists Russia’s Wagner group over its operations in Ukraine


The European Union blacklisted Russia’s Wagner Group on Thursday for “actively participating in the Russian war of aggression against Ukraine.”

The Council of the European Union, the EU institution representing the governments of the member states, announced in a statement that it had added the mercenary group and Russian media agency RIA FAN, which is affiliated with it, to its sanctions list “for actions undermining or threatening the territorial integrity, sovereignty and independence of Ukraine.”

“The Wagner Group is actively participating in the Russian war of aggression against Ukraine and spearheaded the attacks against the Ukrainian towns of Soledar and Bakhmut,” the statement said.

RIA FAN, which also belongs to the business interests of the Wagner Group’s owner, Yevgeniy Prigozhin, has been “involved in pro-government propaganda and disinformation on Russia’s war of aggression against Ukraine,” it said.

The measures complement previous EU sanctions against the Wagner Group and its leaders for the war in Ukraine, as well as their role in conflicts in Mali, Sudan and the Central African Republic.

With the update, the EU sanctions in total affect 1,473 individuals and 207 entities for undermining or threatening Ukraine’s territorial integrity and sovereignty.

The assets of the blacklisted individuals and companies are frozen and EU citizens or firms are forbidden to make funds available to them.

In addition, the individuals are banned from entering the EU.__The Nation