Video NSF Protest


National Students Federation protested across Pakistan on 09/02/2023 for restoration of Students Union in all educational institutions. It has been three decades since students’ union were banned in the apparently democratic state of Pakistan. Being a citizen of this state, it’s the right of every student to form unions. Education has been made so expensive that not a single labourer or farmer is able to afford basic education.  At present, decisions are made for students in colleges and universities, but there is no representative of the students.  Students are the foundation of the country and nations, but by keeping them away from politics, they are being deprived of their basic right.  Sabir Ali Haider, the former central president of NSF, while presenting his position to the media, said that the current political and economic crisis in the country will never be resolved until the students’ union is restored.  When will Pakistan Government allow this democratic process to happen?