Sikh Family Attacked In Shri Nanak Sahib


In a shocking incident of atrocities on minorities in Pakistan, a Sikh family was attacked, beaten and their turbans thrown away by hooligans in Shri Nankana Sahib. The incident occurred on 21.01.2023when a group of Muslims of Nankana Sahib attacked their neighbouring Sikh family, near Patti Sahib Gurdwara when they objected to one of the attacker who was a Muslim of parking his cart in front of their house and blocking their entrance. In the attack,brothers Harvander Singh and Satinder Singh were badly beaten by Ramzan Gogi, Asif Nanna, Khor Shahi, Salman, Iqbal, Anwar, Saidi Bibi and Zubada Zaidi and their turban ripped away. After persistent & sustained efforts from the Nankana Sahib Sikh community, reluctantly an FIR was registered by the police under communal sections 452, 354, 148 and 149. However, no arrest has been made so far and the culprits are roaming free threatening  the Sikhs with more attacks. On 05.02.2023, the Nankana Sahib Sikh community protested over the police inaction in the case. In a video statement, Harvandar Singh, standing along with other Sikhs in Gurdwara Janamsthan, appealed to Pak PM, Pak Army Chief and Punjab CM for appropriate actions against the culprits and claimed that instead of arresting them, the Nankana Sahib police has been downplaying the attack as a minor incident of brawl between two neighbours.