Some foreigners can now work in Türkiye without work permit


Foreign athletes, farmers and researchers will be able to work in Türkiye for a determined period without a need to obtain a work permit, Labor and Social Security Ministry has announced.

The employment regulation aiming to facilitate foreigners to work in Türkiye without a work permit has come into force.

Foreigners who will work in seasonal agriculture and animal husbandry will benefit from an exemption for up to six months, while foreign athletes will be able to perform their occupations until the end of their work contracts.

Foreign people who study at a university, public institutions and organizations for research or to increase their knowledge and experience will have a two-year exemption, limited to the education period.

Foreigners who will do an internship under student exchange programs will be able to work for up to four months, while this period is limited to a month for foreigners who will work within the scope of scientific, cultural and artistic activities.

Foreign people assigned to programs or projects carried out within the scope of the Türkiye-European Union Financial Cooperation Programs will also be able to benefit from the regulation during their duties.

Those residing abroad and reported as having Turkish origin by the interior or foreign ministries will be able to work in Türkiye for up to three months without a permit.

People who will work in fairs and circuses that operate outside the borders of certified tourism enterprises will benefit from the exemption for up to six months.__Daily Hurriyet