Pakistan: K-Electric office stormed against over-billing, power outages


KARACHI: Demonstrations were held in different areas of Karachi against the over-billing of electricity bills.

In Korangi, the temper of protesters ran high and they stormed the office of the K-Electric. The protesters also vandalised and destroyed the office furniture.

The over-billing of the electricity bills and long load-sheddings have infuriated citizens forcing them to take to the streets in different areas of the city.

In Awami Colony, Korangi, the anger of the local residents ran high and they stormed the K-Electric office.

The protesters blocked the road by putting up barriers and burning tyres.

The protesters said that payment of inflated electricity bills was beyond their affordability. Apart from this power outages for many hours are also carried out due to which they have suffered double punishment. Daily life has been badly disrupted due to load-shedding.

Meanwhile, protesters broke into the office of K-Electric and ransacked it. The office furniture was destroyed, while goods kept in the cupboards were also scattered. Due to the situation, the office staff was also trapped.

As soon as the incident was reported, a contingent of police reached the spot and negotiated with the protesters. In this regard, police officials said that during the demonstration, some people broke the cupboard in which the weapons of security guards were kept. However, the weapons were immediately taken into protective custody and the protesters were dispersed after negotiations.

Separately, local residents also held demonstrations against over-billing in Malir Halt. The protesters said that a large part of their income is being spent on payment of electricity bills, due to which their life is becoming miserable.

A large number of women also participated in the demonstration.

Earlier at Jogi Morr near National Highway, residents protested against the K-Electric. Due to the demonstration, both the tracks of the National Highway were closed for all vehicular traffic for hours. Protesters set up barriers on the road and set tyres on fire.

North Karachi residents also staged a protest against power outages and over-billing in front of KE office near Power House roundabout. Traffic police reached the spot and diverted the vehicles to alternative routes. Later, the protesters dispersed peacefully.

Heavy contingents of police also reached the spot and negotiated with the protesters. Protests were also held near Safari Park on University Road. Protesters said they have run out of patience due to over-billing and power outages.

Upon receiving the information about the protest, the police reached the spot and dispersed the protesters after negotiations. Apart from this, demonstrations against over-billing were also held in other areas of the city including Nazimabad.