Taliban reduce salaries for female govt employees


The Taliban government in Afghanistan has announced a reduction in salaries for female government employees, a move that has sparked widespread concern.

Since the Taliban took power in Afghanistan in 2021, women have been largely barred from government jobs, and now their salaries have been significantly reduced.

According to a statement from the Taliban’s Ministry of Finance, the salaries of female government employees have been reduced to 5,000 Afghanis per month, effective from July.

However, women working in public hospitals and schools will continue to receive their full salaries.

Previously, university lecturers and professors in the public sector earned around 35,000 Afghanis, while women in administrative positions across various ministries received about 20,000 Afghanis.

These salaries had already been reduced to 15,000 Afghanis since the Taliban’s takeover.

The ministry indicated that the salary cuts are primarily in the form of reduced allowances and suggested that salaries could be restored if women are allowed to return to work.

This decision affects thousands of women who are already struggling with high inflation and the loss of male family members in prolonged conflicts.

Many families now face increased financial difficulties as a result of these changes.

The international community has raised concerns over the Taliban’s treatment of women, urging the regime to ensure equal rights and opportunities for all citizens.__Tribune.com