Higher prices – this is how much public transport tickets cost in Vienna from now on


From today (Monday; 1st July) there will be changes to Wiener Linien tickets prices reported the newspaper “Heute”. The prices in some categories will be adjusted. Weekly and monthly public transport tickets will be replaced by new tickets. Vienna Lines is standardising its range of season tickets.

The digital 7-day and 31-day tickets have been available since 2022. From today, these will now also be available as transferable ticket in paper format. They will replace the existing weekly and monthly tickets. As part of the standardisation, the price for these tickets will be slightly adjusted, Vienna Lines informs.

The big advantage: passengers can now freely choose the period of validity, as the new tickets are only valid for 7 or 31 days from the time they are validated – and are no longer based on calendar weeks or months.

The transferable paper “7 Days Vienna” ticket will cost 22.60 euros from 1 July, while the personalised digital version will cost 19.70 euros. The transferable paper “31 Days in Vienna” ticket will cost 58.70 euros from Monday. The price for the personalised “31 Days in Vienna” ticket will remain unchanged at 51 euros. The price difference between the transferable and personalised ticket is due to the possibility of passing the transferable ticket on to other passengers.

From 1st July, the old weekly and monthly tickets, the “1 day Vienna” ticket and the “8-day climate ticket” will no longer be offered. The annual ticket will continue to be available for 365 euros (for a one-off payment). The prices for all other tickets also remain unchanged. A single ticket costs 2.40 euros, while the “24 Hours Vienna” ticket costs 8 euros. For the “48 Hours of Vienna” and “72 Hours of Vienna” tickets, the price is 14.10 euros and 17.10 euros respectively.