Ukraine has hit over 30 Russian oil refineries, depots, claims Zelenskiy


President Volodymyr Zelenskiy said on Monday that Ukraine has hit more than 30 Russian oil processing and storage facilities.

The Ukrainian military has stepped up attacks on Russian oil infrastructure this year, seeking to disrupt oil supplies to the Russian army and curb Moscow’s revenues to finance its war against Ukraine.

“More than 30 oil refineries, terminals, and oil depots of the terrorist state have been hit,” Zelenskiy told officers of Special Operations Centre “A” of the State Security Service (SBU) involved in attacks.

He did not provide any additional details or give a time period. A video of his address was shared on his account on X.

Ukraine has been using its long-range drones, developed both by military intelligence and the SBU, for the strikes.

“For SBU drones, a distance of 1,500 km is no longer a problem,” Zelenskiy said, apparently referring to a May 9 strike when a major oil processing plant in the Bashkiria region was hit.

n the most recent attack on June 21, drones hit four refineries, including the Ilsky refinery, one of the main fuel producers in southern