Turkiye: Brigadier general arrested amid human trafficking claims


ANKARA: A brigadier general who served in Syria has been arrested after allegations surfaced that he was involved in smuggling people across the border, reports said on June 27.

Bilal Çokay was detained in Ankara following an order from the chief public prosecutor’s office in Şanlıurfa’s Akçakale district earlier this week.

After giving a statement to the prosecutor’s office, he was formally arrested by the court, according to local media.

The Defense Ministry has launched an investigation against Çokay upon discovering his involvement in human trafficking with his office vehicle.

“Anyone who acts against discipline and laws in the Turkish Armed Forces will be dealt with regardless of their rank,” Zeki Aktürk, the ministry’s press and public relations adviser, said on June 27.

Defense sources previously said the smuggling operation was conducted by an adjutant and security personnel using the brigadier general’s vehicle.

The sources confirmed that the involved soldiers had already been arrested. Additionally, the commanding officer in charge of the border crossing gate has been reassigned.__Daily Hurriyet