Israel’s military spokesman says Hamas’s ideology cannot be defeated


TEL AVIV: Israel’s top army spokesman, Rear Admiral Daniel Hagari, acknowledged on Wednesday that while Hamas can be targeted militarily, its underlying ideology remains indefeatable.

This statement has prompted the Israeli government to reaffirm its commitment to dismantling the Palestinian militant group.

During a broadcast on Israel’s Channel 13, Hagari commented on the ongoing conflict, which escalated dramatically following Hamas’s unprecedented attack on Israel on October 7.

Despite more than eight months of warfare, which has not dislodged Hamas but caused extensive destruction in Gaza, he stated, “Hamas is an ideology; we cannot eliminate an ideology.”

Hagari emphasized the futility of trying to eradicate Hamas without addressing the broader ideological challenges, saying, “To say that we are going to make Hamas disappear is to throw sand in people’s eyes. If we don’t provide an alternative, in the end, we will have Hamas.”

The Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s office quickly countered Hagari’s remarks. The official statement underscored that the government’s ongoing offensive in Gaza aims to destroy Hamas’s military and governmental capabilities, clarifying, “The political and security cabinet headed by Prime Minister Netanyahu defined as one of the goals of the war the destruction of Hamas’ military and governmental capabilities. The IDF is of course committed to this.”__Courtesy Pakistan Today