China condemns US arms sales and ‘support for Taiwan independence forces’


ISTANBUL: China Friday slammed fresh US arms sales to Taiwan and Washington’s “support to Taiwan independence forces,” state media reported.

“The US supports the ‘Taiwan independence’ separatist forces, escalating tensions in the Taiwan Straits, and pushing Taiwan into a dangerous situation, which will ultimately harm the US itself,” said the Chinese Ministry of National Defense spokesman Senior Col. Zhang Xiaogang.

The US arms sales to Taiwan “seriously violates the one-China principle and the three Sino-US Joint Communiqués, especially the August 17 Communiqué,” Zhang said.

He called on Washington to “immediately cancel the aforementioned arms sales to Taiwan, and stop arming Taiwan in any way to safeguard the overall situation of military relations between the two countries.”

The spokesman urged the US to “adhere to the one-China principle and the three Sino-US Joint Communiques.”

The statement comes after the US approved a fresh weapons sale to Taiwan totalling $300 million, marking the 14th arms sale to Taipei by Washington since Joe Biden took office in 2021.

According to the US Defense Security Cooperation Agency, the sales include F-16 aircraft spare and repair parts.

China considers Taiwan its “breakaway province” while Taipei has maintained its independence since