‘Palestinian Authority preparing to govern Gaza’, says prime minister


Palestinian Prime Minister Mohammad Mustafa says the Palestinian Authority is making reforms that would allow it to govern Gaza after the war.

Palestinian Authority Prime Minister Mohammad Mustafa says his government is preparing to eventually govern all of the Palestinian territories, including Gaza.

He’s also calling on more European countries to join Ireland, Spain and Norway in recognising the state of Palestine as the first step towards lasting peace in the region.

“We need to work quickly to help our people in Gaza” and “prepare for the day that we will be in power in Gaza”, he told journalists in a press conference with Spain’s Foreign Minister Jose Manuel Albares.

We want to “build the institutions of a state”, he said, adding “We need to make sure we have a clear plan for governing Gaza and the day after.”

He says further recognition of the state of Palestine was necessary to build lasting peace – and was a starting point.

“This is the beginning of realisation of peace, rather than a promise of peace that we have been waiting for for 30 years.

“It’s time to make it a reality recognition of these states and a full membership of the United Nations is the right thing to do to keep the two-state solution viable, and to keep the hope of peace for our people and the region,” he said.

The Spanish Foreign Minister decried moves to “intimidate” Spain after recognition of Palestine after Israel announced it would no longer allow Spanish NGOs to work in the West Bank.

“Spain has been very firm in condemning the Hamas terrorist attack on 7 October, against Israel and all actions of Hamas demanded the release of all hostages.”

“But Spain has always been firm and will continue doing it in demanding an immediate ceasefire in Gaza and the entry of all necessary humanitarian aid into Gaza and no one is going to intimidate us on keeping doing this,” he said.

Mustafa also met with Norwegian Foreign Minister Espen Barth Eide, who formally handed over documents confirming the recognition of a Palestinian state. Meanwhile, EU foreign policy chief Josep Borell decried ongoing attacks in the West Bank and the military offensive in Gaza.

“The situation in Gaza is beyond words. The occupied West Bank is on the brink, risking an explosion any time,” he said.

The Spanish and Irish governments will meet with their European counterparts on Brussels on Monday to call on other countries to follow them in recognising Palestine.__Courtesy Euro News