Pakistan: Ex-military men in Dubai leaks


A number of retired members of the security establishment show up in the data.
RETIRED military officials, some of whom have passed away, also appear as listed owners till the spring of 2022 in the Dubai property leaks. Many were visible in the data as their ownership documents included their rank.

For properties purchased off plan, the market value of the completed property is mentioned, but buyers may have paid only a certain percentage of the total property value as a down payment.

Retired Lt Gen Alam Jan Mahsud (now deceased) and his spouse appear in the leaks as listed owners of three properties. However, neither of them are owners of those properties today. Transaction data obtained by Norwegian financial outlet E24 and Organised Crime and Corruption Reporting Project (OCCRP) shows that the property, a three-bedroom apartment in Al Hamri, was priced in 2009 at AED 1,150,000 or $313,000 (calculated at the current exchange rate of 3.6 dirham to a dollar) and sold for a little over half a million dollars in 2021.

A number of retired members of the security establishment show up in the data

Retired Lt Gen Shafaat Ullah Shah, a senior military officer during the tenure of former dictator Gen Pervez Musharraf (whose name also appears in the data), is a listed owner in the leaks for a property purchased in 2015. Dubai Land Department (DLD) records show he still owned the property as of February 2024 alongside his son. Mr Shafaat Ullah Shah served as military secretary to Mr Musharraf, as corps commander in Lahore, and as chief of logistics staff at the general headquarters in Rawalpindi. The purchase data obtained by OCCRP shows that this property, a two-bedroom apartment in Barsha Heights, was purchased for $139,398 in 2015. In response to questions sent by Dawn, Mr Shafaat ullah Shah said that all assets owned by him or his immediate family members, as well as income generated on them, were disclosed to regulators, including the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR).

Retired Maj Gen Syed Ehtasham Zamir, a former head of ISI’s political wing who passed away in 2015, appears as a listed owner for the 2020-2022 period in the leaks, but is no longer the owner of this property. His name appears in connection with a studio apartment which was priced in 2008 for $54,181 and sold in August 2019 for $63,438.

Mr Zamir’s wife made a down payment for a three-bedroom off-plan apartment in the Address Harbour Point Tower, which had a market price of $877,761 in January 2018. However, in a response to questions sent by Dawn, his son said the property was sold for around $160,000 in September 2021. He added that his parents’ properties were bought after their Pakistan home was sold, and that all income was declared to the FBR and is part of army records.

His children, a son and two daughters, are listed owners of a two-bedroom apartment in Marina Arcade purchased in July 2017 for $440,382. The total rental income generated from this property for the period from July 2019 to July 2024 is $130,141. They are still owners of that property