Italy’s head of government Meloni criticises ‘tired and submissive Europe’


According the reports of Der Standard: Italy’s Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni joined the meeting of the Spanish Vox party in Madrid via video on Sunday, emphasising that the right is necessary to build a ‘better Europe’. Europe is ‘a tired, submissive and even a little spoilt continent that believed it could exchange identity for ideology, freedom for comfort, and is now inevitably paying the price for its choices’, Meloni emphasised.

‘The 2019-2024 European legislative period was characterised by wrong priorities and strategies. While other political forces have supported unnatural alliances with the left that have led to the imposition of the green agenda, we have always fought, often alone, for a different EU”, explained Meloni, who is also President of the Group of Conservatives and Reformists (ECR). She emphasised that ‘we can build a different and better European Union than the recent one’.

‘Our continent is in a phase of great uncertainty and decline, and it needs us. The European left is the main cause of this decline.