Dubai’s ruler Sheikh building world’s largest passenger terminal at Al Maktoum


Dubai’s Al Maktoum International Airport is in the works and is going to be the world’s largest airport with the world’s largest passenger terminal.

Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the ruler of Dubai, has given his approval to the plans for Al Maktoum International Airport’s new passenger terminal, according to Parametric Architecture.

When fully completed, the new terminal is expected to have the capacity to handle 260 million passengers annually, making it the largest in the world. The project is expected to cost more than $34.8 billion and span 70 square kilometres.

Dubai South, the commercial hub of the United Arab Emirates, is where the Al Maktoum airport will be situated.

On the site, initiatives for property and logistics are already under progress. With the intention of accommodating a million people, a whole city is to be constructed around the new airport.

Sheikh Maktoum commented on the new city plan centered on the new airport: “will host the world’s leading companies in the logistics and air transport sectors,” and continued: “We are building a new project for future generations, ensuring continuous and stable development for our children and their children in turn. Dubai will be the world’s airport, port, urban hub, and new global centre.”

The Dubai Media Office released images of the Maktoum Airport that highlight the huge infrastructure’s futuristic aspect, complete with large terminals and space-age-inspired features. It is anticipated that the first phase of the project, which can accommodate 150 million passengers annually, will be completed in ten years.__The News