Austria: Nehammer with caliphate declaration of war at Reumannplatz


VIENNA; Newspaper Heute reports: Federal Chancellor Nehammer made a visit to Reumannplatz in Vienna-Favoriten on Wednesday and announced the measures taken as a complete success.

Four weeks before the EU elections, the ÖVP is going on the offensive with edgy statements. “If you want to live in the caliphate, you have to leave Austria!” reads a new Nehammer slogan published on Tuesday. “Immigrants must respect our way of life and adapt it – not the other way around!”

On the next day, the Federal Chancellor followed this up with a media appearance at Reumannplatz at 6 pm. A large-scale weapons ban zone had been set up there after several violent attacks at the beginning of April.

Chancellor Karl Nehammer answered this with a clear yes in front of media representatives on the occasion of a further focus campaign. In Favoriten alone, the youth crime task force has so far carried out a total of 74 planned incidents, filed 190 reports and seized nine knives. In the whole of Vienna there have been 8,700 checks and 940 reports. As a result, the number of crimes has fallen by around 60 percent.

This is why the nationwide ban on knives will be introduced, whereby customs, professional activities or a “simple pocket knife for a snack” will be exempt. Violators could face confiscation and a fine of up to 3,600 euros. Details are still being negotiated in the government.

“Violence has no place in a democracy. The caliphate has no place in Austria”, Nehammer reiterated his declaration of war.