Pakistan: ‘Shoe heist’ shocks parliament


Miscreants make off with over 20 pairs of shoes from mosque’s doorstep; NA speaker orders inquiry

ISLAMABAD: The hallowed halls of parliament found itself embroiled in a bizarre incident on Friday as thieves slipped past security, leaving officials and journalists in a barefoot bind.

Security personnel were left scratching their heads when shoes mysteriously vanished from the parliament premises, sparking a flurry of concern.

Upon learning of the incident, National Assembly Speaker Sardar Ayaz Sadiq promptly intervened, demanding a report from the security detail.

The drama unfolded as worshippers, including MNAs, journalists and parliamentary staff gathered at the mosque within the Parliament House for Friday prayers.

However, as the faithful bowed their heads in prayer, miscreants seized the moment to make off with over 20 pairs of shoes from the mosque’s doorstep.

Reports indicate that over 20 pairs of shoes vanished during the prayer session, leaving worshippers dismayed as they concluded their prayers and prepared to depart for their respective duties.

The theft left worshippers high and dry, forced to walk away shoeless, and causing chaos as they scrambled for alternatives.

Reacting swiftly to the breach, the National Assembly speaker expressed grave concern over the security lapse and promptly ordered a thorough investigation into the matter.

According to insider sources, the security personnel assigned to the area were conspicuously absent at the time of the theft, compounding the gravity of the situation.

In response to the speaker’s directives, the joint secretary admin and sergeant at arms have been tasked with conducting an inquiry into the incident, with efforts underway to identify the perpetrator(s) through CCTV footage