Israel to press on despite binding UN resolution


More than 81 people have been killed and 93 wounded in Gaza in 24 hours, according to the enclave’s Health Ministry.

Israel has dismissed Hamas’s ceasefire demands as “delusional” after the group said it was sticking to its original proposal calling for Israel’s full withdrawal from Gaza and a permanent ceasefire.

US says Israel’s claim UN resolution hampered hostage talks is ‘inaccurate’

State Department spokesperson Matthew Miller has told reporters the Palestinian group Hamas’s response to a proposal for the release of captives was prepared before the US abstained on the UN Security Council vote on Monday, not after.

“That statement, which I believe said that Hamas pulled out of the hostage talks, or Hamas rejected the most recent proposal because of the United Nations Security Council Resolution – that statement is inaccurate in almost every respect and it is unfair for the hostages and their families,” Miller told reporters.

“For the United States, we are not going to engage in rhetorical distractions on this issue. We are going to continue to work to try to bring the hostages home,” he added.__Al Jazeera