From mass deportations to NATO exit: Trump’s concerning plans if is elected again


Former president Donald Trump, set for a rematch with Joe Biden in the 2024 presidential polls, has explicitly articulated his plans if he is elected for a second term.

Trump, aiming to be only the second president to win a non-consecutive term, has been portraying a perilous scenario for democratic institutions and the rule of law.

According to an opinion piece by Stephen Collinson for CNN, the Republican presidential nominee’s plans include trying to terminate the Constitution, vowing for unchecked presidential power from the Supreme Court, and seeking “retribution” against perceived enemies.

Moreover, Trump’s plans include the dismantling of the civil service, and replacement of these posts with political nominees, and the use of the Justice Department as a personal political enforcement machine.

A more concerning front for the US could be Trump’s foreign policy preferences with him expressing a willingness to abandon international alliances, and fears of pulling out of NATO. His policies could undermine the post-World War II global system, and align the US with dictators.

His provocative rhetoric demonises undocumented immigrants, vows mass deportations, and endorses incarceration camps. Drawing similarities to 1930s dictators, Trump refers to opponents as “vermin” and issues alarming warnings that the country will be lost if he doesn’t win in November.

Despite Trump’s significant wins and delegate dominance, the primary campaign unveiled vulnerabilities. Nikki Haley, outperforming Trump in suburban areas with moderate and highly educated Republican voters, showcased potential challenges for the ex-president in the 2024 election.

Biden, however, faces his struggles in rebuilding a diverse coalition, evident in the recent Michigan primary revolt over his handling of Israel’s war in Gaza.__The News