Five Pakistanis executed for murdering Bangladeshi guard in KSA


Saudi Arabian authorities have carried out the execution of five Pakistani expatriates who were convicted of raiding a private company and causing the death of a security guard, as reported by Gulf News.

According to the Saudi Interior Ministry, the convicted individuals attacked a private sector firm, where they tied up two guards and assaulted and killed a Bangladeshi security personnel.

Following thorough investigations, the five perpetrators were brought before a competent court, found guilty, and subsequently sentenced to death.

The verdict, upheld through the appeals and supreme courts, received final approval through a royal order, leading to the execution of the individuals on Tuesday in Makkah.

Saudi Arabia, known for its strict legal system, applies the death penalty for crimes such as murder, terror attacks, and drug smuggling.

This incident follows a recent execution in January, where four Ethiopian expatriates were executed for the murder of a Sudanese national, with the motive remaining undisclosed. In a separate case in December, two Bangladeshi expatriates faced execution for murdering an Indian man over a financial dispute, employing insecticide as their weapon.

The application of the death penalty in Saudi Arabia has drawn international attention and criticism, with human rights organisations frequently raising concerns about the transparency and fairness of the legal proceedings leading to such severe