Ukraine War: ‘You cannot destroy our dreams’ says Zelensky as war enters third year


President Zelensky has issued a rallying cry to people in Ukraine as the country marks the second anniversary of Russia’s full-scale invasion.

Speaking from the site of a key early battle, Zelensky urged his country to keep fighting and said Russia could not destroy Ukrainian dreams.

It comes at a difficult time for Kyiv: over the past year Ukraine launched a failed counter-offensive on Russian-held territory.

Western leaders have laid wreaths in a ceremony in Kyiv as part of a visit to show solidarity.

Ukrainian forces have also withdrawn from the eastern town of Avdiivka in Russia’s biggest victory since the fall of Bakhmut in May last year.

President Volodymyr Zelensky faces a tough challenge in ensuring international financial and military support for the war from Western allies continue.

However, Ukraine has successfully inflicted naval losses on Russia in the Black Sea and ended a blockade of its