Gala evening at Palazzo Ciampoli to inaugurate the new art gallery

Taimeless is proud to announce the opening of the new and exclusive art gallery, born in Taormina, in one of the most important historical buildings of Corso Umberto.

To celebrate the opening, a gala evening will be held in the splendid setting of Palazzo Ciampoli on 23 March at 6.30 pm, attended by prominent figures from the national and international cultural and jet-set worlds.

The opening speech will be given by Antonio Presti, creator and founder of Fiumara d’arte.

The evening will be a celebration of everything Taimeless stands for: elegance and style. Taormina, already home to the world’s most prestigious luxury brands, could not fail to open its doors to great Art with a gallery that, from the opening, will host the works of important artists such as the Italian painter Lorenzo Chinnici, the Malaysian-French sculptor Michel Anthony and the multidisciplinary Chinese artist Zhu Wei, known for his commitment to environmental issues. The three masters will personally attend the event, which will also be attended by the three founders of Taimeless, Francesco Chinnici, Antonio D’Aveni and the real estate and investment company Scimandra, represented for the occasion by Stefano Sciacca.

During the evening, the Italian jeweller Francesco Bertè will unveil ‘Taimeless One’, a piece of jewellery created and inspired by the gallery’s concept, worth around €4 million and presented by the scientist Salvatore Magazù. ‘’Looking at the artist’s work, dedicated to time,” he explains in his review, “one immediately senses its etymology, derived from temnein, or the cutting of the past from the future’’.

The vernissage will also be attended by designer Frank Gold, who will bring with him “Melanie”, a work of art in Martian stone created for a famous Hollywood couple and previously exhibited in the Royal Hall of the Crossroads of Civilizations (CCM) Museum in Dubai, thanks to the interest of Sir Ahmed Obaid Almansoori, Chairman of the Emirati Museums Committee. Taimeless One will then fly to Dubai as a guest of the Arab Museum to reciprocate the visit of the Mars work. A unique journey through space and time.

“In the gallery we present works in all media, including painting, drawing, sculpture and installations, we try to cultivate lines that connect emerging and established artists,” says Francesco Chinnici. “The true luxury that mankind can afford is time, the only thing that does not discriminate on the basis of wealth. Timeless’s mission is to give time, to allow the viewer to experience that feeling of rapture that only the works of the masters of art can give, in the knowledge that art is freedom without limits”.

“Inside the gallery,” adds Antonio D’Aveni, “there is also an area reserved for exclusive jewellery and accessories, museum exhibitions and special projects, which, thanks to the collaboration of world-famous curators, will offer targeted artistic advice to collectors and a demanding and exclusive clientele.

The evening was also attended by international art critics: Patrick Lachaud, Giuseppe Gorga, Emma Xingyi Qin Wang, Andrea Italiano, Chus Belin, Valentina Certo, Jorge Enrique Londono, Giulia Maria Sidoti, Natja Igney, Dimitri Salonia, Linda Schipani, Chiara Fici, Paul Smith, Fabio di Bella, Andrea Calabró, Wolfgang Schulz, Francesco Bertolino.

Event sponsored by the Sicilian Region Department of Cultural Heritage and Sicilian Identity with the Regional Councillor Hon. Francesco Paolo Scarpinato, the General Manager Eng. Mario La Rocca and Dr. Gabriella Tigano of the Naxos Archaeological Park. From the Municipality of Taormina, present the Hon. Mayor Cateno De Luca.

The inaugural vernissage is curated by Soccorso Parisi.