Russian Missile Attacks Target Kyiv, Mykolaiv


Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy said Russian missile attacks Wednesday killed at least five people in Kyiv and Mykolaiv.

“Another massive Russian air attack against our country,” Zelenskyy said on social media. “Six regions came under enemy fire. All of our services are currently working to eliminate the consequences of this terror.”

Ukraine’s military detailed a large wave of Russian attacks that included 20 drones, 36 cruise missiles, five S-300 guided missiles and three ballistic missiles.

The Ukrainian air force said the country’s air defenses destroyed 15 of the 20 drones and 29 of the 44 missiles.

Zelenskyy said the Russian attack killed one person in Mykolaiv and destroyed dozens of houses in the city.

Kyiv Mayor Vitali Klitschko said on Telegram a high-rise building was struck, and that the attacks also cut off electricity in some areas.

European Union foreign policy chief Josep Borrell, who is visiting Kyiv, posted on X that he was starting his day Wednesday in a shelter amid the air alarms.

“This is the daily reality of the brave Ukrainian people, since Russia launched its illegal aggression,” Borrell said.

Zelenskyy announced in his nightly address Tuesday the establishment of a new military branch focused on drones.

Zelenskyy said the unmanned systems “have proven their effectiveness in battles on land, in the sky and at sea.”

Stopping Russian ground attacks and “large-scale destruction” of Russian forces and their equipment will be the main focus of the drone program, Zelenskyy said.

In recent months, Ukraine has increasingly used drones to targets areas inside of Russia, while also striking Russian naval facilities in Crimea.__VOA News