Pakistan naval forces rescue 9 Indian seamen stranded at sea


In a commendable display of maritime cooperation, the Pakistan Navy, in coordination with the Pakistan Maritime Security Agency (PMSA), undertook a successful Search & Rescue Operation, saving the lives of 9 Indian seamen, the crew of the Ocean Tug SAS-5, stranded at sea.

The distressing situation unfolded when the Ocean Tug, registered at St Kitts & Nevis, faced a critical malfunction in its electric generators near the Indian coast, approximately 167 nautical miles southeast of Karachi, the Pakistan Navy said in a statement on Monday.

The vessel, which set sail from the Indian port of Debhol in Maharashtra on February 1, bound for Sharjah, UAE, had been incapacitated for several days due to the electrical failure.

On the early morning of February 4, the Pakistan Navy Joint Maritime Information and Coordination Center (JMICC) received a distress signal from the disabled Tug. In swift response, Pakistan Navy, in collaboration with HQ PMSA, initiated a Search & Rescue Operation.

The PN Long Range Maritime Patrol Aircraft was immediately tasked with locating the distressed Tug at sea. Following the reconnaissance, the Pakistan Maritime Security Ship (PMSS) KASHMIR, engaged in routine Maritime Security Operations in the region, was deployed for the Search & Rescue mission.

Upon reaching the disabled Tug, PMSS KASHMIR secured the vessel alongside. After three hours of intensive repair efforts, the electric generator malfunction was successfully rectified. In addition to technical assistance, the crew of the Tug was provided with medical facilities, fresh water, and cooked meals to alleviate their fatigue.

Upon the completion of the Search & Rescue operation, the Ocean Tug SAS-5 resumed its voyage towards its intended port of call in Sharjah, UAE.

The professional and timely response by the Pakistan Navy and PMSA assets received high praise from the salvaged crew of the Tug, who expressed their gratitude for the assistance provided during a challenging situation at sea.

This successful joint operation exemplifies the commitment of Pakistan to ensuring the safety and well-being of seafarers in the region, fostering goodwill and cooperation even in the face of maritime