Navalny’s team says Russian authorities are hiding his body


BBC reports: Alexei Navalny’s team says his body is purposely being withheld by the Russian authorities so they can “cover traces”.

A spokesperson for the Russian activist, who died on Friday, says his mother and lawyer went to the morgue where officials said his body was being kept, but it was not there.

Kira Yarmysh also said Navalny’s team believe he was murdered and that the killing was ordered by President Vladimir Putin.

Earlier, Navalny’s team confirmed his death and called for his body to be “immediately” returned to his family.

Protests and vigils have been held near Russian embassies in many countries. More than 340 people have been detained in Russian cities, reports say, amid warnings not to rally.

UK Foreign Secretary David Cameron says “there should be consequences” over the death, while US President Joe Biden has said Putin was to blame.

The Russian foreign ministry said it rejected “biased and unrealistic” assessments from the UK about the cause of his death.

Navalny, 47, one of Russia’s most significant opposition figures, had been in an Arctic Circle jail on politically-motivated