‘Alleged Irregularities’: US lawmakers ask Biden not to accept Pakistan election results


WASHINGTON: Both Democratic and Republican politicians in the United States have urged President Biden not to accept Pakistan election results until the investigation of alleged regularities.

Claims of interference or fraud should be fully investigated “a spokesperson for the U.S. State Department stated in a statement, voicing worries on the interference in the election process.

“We join credible international and local election observers in their assessment that these elections included undue restrictions on freedom of expression, association, and peaceful assembly,” the statement said.

Congressman Brad Sherman, a prominent member of the influential House of Foreign Affairs Committee stated that” press organizations in Pakistan ought to have liberty to disclose vote tallying and there should not be any needless postponement in declaring the outcome”.

Rashida Talib a congresswoman said that we must stand with the Pakistani people because their democracy is seriously at risk. In addition to that the U.S. must make sure the tax monies don’t go to anyone who undermines their right to freely choose their leaders.

They should be able to do so without intervention or meddling. Another congresswoman Ilhasn Omar asked the State Department that there should be independent bodies who conduct investigations regarding the alleged interference in the electoral process until they refrain from recognizing the results.

She further said that I am deeply troubled by the news of meddling and interference in the election result process. The Pakistani people deserve nothing less than a transparent democratic and true representative government.__Pakistan Today