UK’s revised visa rule allows tourist visa holders to work in country


Good news about tourist visa regulations in the United Kingdom has surfaced, hinting its implementation to be ensured at the end of this month.

The new regulation will open a gateway of new opportunities for individuals holding visitor visas to start their business ventures and work in the country.

Starting from January 31, major changes are set to take place in the UK tourist visa including permission for tourist visa holders to engage in work-related activities with clients and even undertake remote work while visiting the UK, Times of India reported.

The UK government has also announced an update to its immigration rules, allowing expanded activities on Visitor visas. Additionally, it has also announced other changes to its visas.

Employees of businesses with branches in the UK and other countries are permitted to work for clients abroad as long as it makes up a small percentage of their duties there, is essential to a project or service that the UK branch is working on, and is not being provided directly to a UK client by the overseas employer.

Although visitors can work remotely from the UK, this shouldn’t be their main reason for visiting, as per the revised regulations.

Furthermore, with a few exceptions for academics requesting permission extensions within the nation or filing for a 12-month stay visa, scientists, researchers and academics are allowed to do research in the UK.

In addition to practising law, solicitors will be permitted to give consultations, testify as experts, take part in court cases and instruct.

Meanwhile, for those participating in paid engagements, there will be no need for a separate visa as the Permitted Paid Engagement (PPE) Visitor route will be incorporated into the Standard Visitor route.

However, the activity must still be planned within 30 days of arrival.

Previously, Chancellor Jeremy Hunt pledged the UK government’s commitment to expanding business visitor regulations, starting in January 2024 which will allow business professionals to engage in more approved activities and paid engagements, particularly remote work.

This move is expected to positively impact business and tourism in the UK.__The News