UN rights chief warns starvation must not be allowed in war-ravaged Gaza


UNITED NATIONS: The UN High Com­missioner for Human Rights, Volker Turk, has urged Israel to act im­mediately to ensure that all those not involved in the clashes between Is­raeli occupation troops and Hamas fighters “to facilitate humanitar­ian food deliveries com­mensurate with needs.”

His appeal coincided with the adoption on Friday of a UN Security Council resolution de­manding immediate, safe and unhindered delivery of humanitar­ian assistance at scale directly to the Palestin­ian civilian population throughout the Gaza Strip. “Starvation must never be a means or result of warfare,” the high commissioner said, responding to an alarm­ing food security report released on Thursday that confirmed repeat­ed warnings of cata­strophic hunger levels in the besieged enclave amid ongoing fighting.

In a tweet, Turk urged Israel to act immedi­ately to ensure that all those not involved in the clashes between Is­raeli troops and Hamas fighters “to facilitate humanitarian food de­liveries commensurate with needs”.

Meanwhile, UN aid coordi­nation office OCHA report­ed heavy Israeli bombard­ments on Thursday from air, land, and sea across most of the Gaza Strip, along with Hamas rocket fire into Is­rael.

“Intense ground opera­tions and fighting between Israeli forces and Palestin­ian armed groups contin­ued, in most areas of Gaza, with the exception of Rafah. The firing of rockets by Pal­estinian armed groups into Israel continued,” accord­ing to the OCHA situation report.__Tribune.com