Austria: Another March in Solidarity with the Palestinian People


VIENNA: About 1,000 people demonstrated once again in Vienna to protest against the Israeli genocide in Gaza. Undeterred by unusual conditions of despite snow, wind and cold, we marched for several hours and chanted slogans like “Free, Free Palestine” and “Stop the Genocide”. The demonstration was initiated by an alliance of Palestinian and solidarity organisations.

We could not chant “From the Rivere to the Sea, Palestine will be free”, since the police has forbidden this slogan and would have immediately dissolved the demonstration in such a case. Only two days before, the police dissolved a rally because demonstrators chanted a similar slogan! All this shows that the ruling class is strongly determined to support the Israeli terror state and to suppress Anti-Zionist views.

The demonstration was addressed by several speakers, including Michael Pröbsting, International Secretary of the RCIT. In his speech, he called Israel’s war against Gaza as Terrorism. He denounced the Western leaders as supporters of Israeli terrorism. Michael also called for an intensification of the international boycott movement against Israel.