UN adopts six resolutions in favour of Palestinians


UNITED NATIONS: Relevant committees of the UN General Assembly have passed with overwhelming majority six resolutions on the current situation in the Middle East and in the process also reaffirmed permanent sovereignty of the Palestinian people over natural resources in the occupied lands.

Another resolution re-endorsed the demand for UN agencies to probe human rights violations committed by the Israeli occupation forces.

During a two-day debate on the resolutions that concluded on Friday, Pakistan underscored its unwavering support for the inalienable rights of the Palestinian people and the population of the occupied Syrian Golan.

One of the resolutions authorising a UN committee to investigate Israeli practices affecting human rights of the Palestinian people and other Arabs of the occupied territories“ was approved by 85 to 13 votes, with 72 abstentions.

The resolution urges the General Assembly to demand that Israel cooperate with the Special Committee in implementing its mandate.

It expresses grave concern over the critical situation in the occupied Palestinian Territory resu­lting from unlawful Israeli practices and measures and calls for the immediate cessation of all illegal Israeli settlement activities.

It also calls for the lifting of the blockade of the Gaza Strip as well as the complete cessation of the excessive and indiscriminate use of force and military operations against the civilian population.

The Permanent Obser­ver of the State of Pales­tine pointed out that the death toll in Gaza had crossed 11,000, but the Security Council remai­ned paralysed. “It is not enough for the international community to reaffirm the principles set out in past UN resolutions. It must implement them as well,” he said.

The Second Committee approved three resolutions, including one dem­an­ding that Israel ceases the exploitation, damage, cause of loss or depletion and endangerment of the natural resources in the Occupied Palestinian Territory and in the occupied Syrian Golan.

By the terms of the draft resolution, the General Assembly would recognize the right of the Palestinian people to claim restitution as a result of any exploitation, damage, loss or depletion or endangerment of their natural resources resulting from illegal measures taken by Israel, the occupying power.

The committee approved the draft by a recorded vote of 151 to 6, with 11 abstentions.

Pakistani envoy, Ambassador Usman Iqbal Jadoon, told the committee that Pakistan remained deeply concerned about the alarming and dire security and humanitarian situation in the Occupied Palestinian Territory, particularly the Gaza strip, as a result of the latest wave of Israeli aggression.

He pointed out that close to 11,000 Palestinians, mostly women and children have lost their lives in Israeli attacks.

“The Israeli actions are a flagrant breach of international law including international humanitarian law and amount to war crimes and crimes against humanity,” he said.

The representative of the United States said that one-sided resolutions, either in the Security Council or the Fourth Committee, will not help to advance peace, but rather they will perpetuate long-standing lines of division.__Dawn.com