Shooting in Vienna: Four suspects arrested


VIENNA: Late on Saturday evening, four people were injured by gunshots and stabbings in Vienna-Floridsdorf, according to police. Contrary to initial information, it was not a gang war, but a family dispute that escalated. After a full-scale manhunt, four suspects were arrested.

According to police spokesman Markus Dittrich, the suspects had fled in two cars. A short time later, the cars a black Mercedes and a red e-car were seized. The search for the alleged perpetrators was conducted by the registration numbers and owners of the cars. Four suspects were arrested shortly after the incident, the police confirmed late in the Saturday evening.

The injured persons were treated in emergency medical care by the Vienna Ambulance Service and taken to hospital. According to police spokesperson, at least one firearm and stabbing weapons were used. The injured are in stable conditions.

The exact background is still unclear, but according to reports, a family quarrel was the reason for the confrontation. The police spokesperson did not want to confirm information that the shooting was triggered by a dispute between rival gangs.

According to the police, the alleged perpetrators are four Austrian citizens. The four victims are said to be four men of Bosnian nationality, according to the police. They were taken to hospital with stab and gunshot wounds. The forensic team began initial investigations late on Saturday evening.