People march in support of Gaza as death toll surpasses 8,000


Demonstrators express anger at the international community for perceived inaction in stopping Israel’s bombardment.

Thousands of people including women and children gathered on Sunday in Islamabad for the largest pro-Palestine rally in Pakistan since Israel’s war on Gaza began this October.

Protests also happened in other cities across the world on Sunday as attendees expressed considerable anger at the perceived inaction of the international community in stopping Israel’s bombardments.

Thousands of keffiyeh-clad demonstrators also turned up in Martyrs’ Square in central Beirut, Lebanon, showing solidarity with the Palestinians – especially those trapped in Gaza amid increasing tension on the Lebanon-Israel border, with Hezbollah fighters and the Israeli military exchanging fire.

Police said more than 5,000 people have demonstrated in Athens, Greece, calling for an end to the massacre of Palestinians in the Gaza Strip.

The cities of Casablanca, Morocco and Madrid, Spain also saw large numbers of people marching in support of Palestinians.__Al Jazeera